Frequently Asked Questions


Where does HackedIP's threat data come from?
We aggregate data from as many of the open source threat intelligence feeds as possible.

How often is HackedIP's threat data updated?
Data feeds are updated daily.

What is a threat list?
A threat list is a list of IP addresses which have been observed talking to Botnets or otherwise exhibiting malicious behavior. This is a strong indication a host associated with this IP addresses is compromised.

If my IP address appears on 0 threat lists, can I be sure my network/computer is not compromised?
No. It is possible for your computer/network to be compromised/hacked and not appear on a public threat list.

How does HackedIP work?
Hacked IP gathers public threat intelligence (lists of IP addresses which are potentially malicious) from a variety of open source threat sources (example). We add new threat feeds as they become avaliable and refresh data daily. When you search for an IP address, we inform you if the IP address appears on one of these lists.

How does HackedIP know my IP address?
Internet communications require IP addresses. When you visit a website, your IP address is presented to the website you visit so that your comptuer can establish a connection with the website and to exchange data. HackedIP reads your IP address and pre-populates the lookup field.

I have a threatfeed I’d like to give to HackedIP, how do I get this set up?
Great! Please email and we'll set up an import!

Do you have an API?


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